At the Vanishing Point

Photos and Stories from Kittie’s Travels


Friends call me “Kittie”

As an artist and a disciple of Jesus Christ, my purpose is to see the world, and see it saved. I write this blog to serve as a record and witness of my travels, for family, friends, and anyone with ears to hear.

I believe memories are important. The psalmists punctuate their prayers and praise with recollections of God’s past deeds. Remembering inspires greater love for Him. Why? Human beings are temporal, finite — that is to say, we forget easily. We are nonetheless made in the image of God, the Eternal One, and our souls are also eternal. So the past events of our lives hold greater weight than those of a dust mote, a rock, or even a flower. I think that’s part of what gives us so much joy when we see old photographs: “Oh, that’s right! Remember when–?” “You’ll never believe it, but here’s the evidence…” “Wow, I had almost forgotten about that.”

It’s too easy to forget. That’s why God instructed the Israelites to place physical markers in the Jordan River, at the site of His miracle (Joshua 4). That’s why I take photos and keep journals. Physical and sensory reality intertwine inextricably with our spiritual and mental realities, after all. (Skeptical? Try reading Robert P. George’s Clash of Orthodoxies.) My memorials won’t be as large-scale as the Israelites, or even the famous American monuments, but I share them with all of you in the hopes that they will act as signposts.

Signposts indicate not only from whence one has come, but also to where one is going. The stories and pictures on this blog, Lord willing, will both map out God’s glory and point to His purpose in my life.

Along the way, I hope to view and photograph the Master’s handiwork. I’m just beginning serious study of art, particularly photography, though I have always felt drawn to crystallize moments and imaginings into visual media (pun not initially intended)–all the better for remembering and sharing!

Art is fantasy that conveys truth, the perfect example being the vanishing point: an abstract concept (good old Renaissance, logic-defying perspective) that both defies and defines reality. My faith is full of those apparent paradoxes. For example, Paul tells us that this very real earth is but a dim reflection of God’s glory (1 Corinthians 13:12). Another: I am a stranger on this earth, but I know its Maker, and I cannot wait to see more of it.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…”

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  1. Hello Katie,

    The flowers are a perfect frame for you. The photo is awesome. Your mom just called so I had to look into your blog immediately and see how everything was going for you. Wow, a spiritual quest, an explorer of self, creating pictorial bonds with where you are that will stand as a reminder of who you were. I love it. Your spirit of adventure reminds me of our Hispanic bloodline coming in with the Conquistadors to explore the new world, bringing their faith with them.
    It sounds as if you’re having a lovely time, and of course everyone can’t help but love you.
    Love you baby,
    Aunty Addie

  2. Kittie, I am praying for you and for Rachel on this grand adventure. I will enjoy getting a few glimpses along the way. No doubt the Lord has some surprises in mind and will use you both in ways you have not imagined.

  3. Kittie, I feel honored to have such a spiritually mature, kind and intelligent friend. What lovely thoughts you’ve captured in this blog! I am excited to follow your travels. My family and I prayed for safety and God’s leading during you’re trip! Have a fabulous time!

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