Day 10: Maiden Castle

Day 10: Maiden Castle

Why did we go?

Because of the ones who had gone before.

We swam in a crew of seven. Four of us called out instructions, warnings, advice. Two of us lagged behind, riding the waves on the strength of our fellows. One bobbed along in good cheer. Together, we bridged the moat and charged the castle.

We staggered over the seashore defenses, pricking our feet on the pebbles. We penetrated the walls unopposed. We scaled the battlements and admired the land that lay beyond, back from whence we came. We gathered together beneath the stars and rested there, in the serenity of a challenge well-met.

Why do we return?

For the ones who will follow.

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  1. Ohhh, neat. I remember K talking about that. I fear I wouldn’t be a strong enough swimmer, but I’m so glad you had that experience!

    • Yeah, the stories from her year inspired me to set aside my trepidation and give it a go. I was blessed to have three or four life guards in the group, and there was a line of buoys in case of emergencies… that’s what I told myself, anyway.

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